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Default Sims 2 Beta Camera, Testers and Tips needed
Today I got around to see what camera file actually does using ortho camera files by "Vid the Kid" from this site, and after about 6 hours of fiddling with it, I finally understood how it works, which is not hard and I might write a tutorial about it (if there isn't one already) so any of you can change it how you wish. It does require lot of testing and turning the game on and off however.

With recent surfacing of beta files I decided to restore the beta camera. But there is the problem. While looking at lots of beta preview videos and screenshots from around same time (the beta that was shown at early E3 preview, with sims 1 like UI), I noticed that every one of them is slightly different. Sometimes FOV (perspective) would be different, closer to ortho in one videos, more perspective-like in others. Same thing goes with the zoom and pitch of the camera. Most of the videos do not allow close zoom, nor do they allow pitch below or parallel to floor line, while screenshots actually show different.

So I'm not really sure which one to restore. Right now I have this:

Furthest zoom, lowest camera pitch:

Closest zoom, lowest camera pitch:

And few more changes in pitch:

You can also slightly see the changes in FOV, but I tried to keep the close to ortho look beta has when zoomed out. I have a feeling I need to change FOV still, but there is so much images that have different look of it that I don't know which one to use as refference.

If anyone of you has some tips on improving this, or wants to furhter test it out and tell me if there is any errors or such, feel free to reply.
Here is the file:
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Yea, this is kinda double post, but I updated the camera. It's really close to beta one, so I'm planning on releasing it. Here it will stay just for testing, and if everything's ok, I'm going to submit it. I updated the first post with the new file.
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I tested it and it really feels like the beta.
Only thing that annoys me is that sometimes when I zoom into my sims, all I see is their torsos and their head is cut off at the top, but that's probably my problem (am i zooming too far?).
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Too far zoom is clunky, but it had to be like that. You could zoom in sims faces (I had camera be situated at their heads and shoulders) but when they were in bed or at the table, you really could not position camera properly to see them. There were probably a lot of problems when wanting to take close zoom shots with beta camera and that's probably why they scratched it.

You should just change camera pitch angle a bit and you will see sims faces again. You need just a bit more careful positioning than the original camera.
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