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Default My Fallout Themed Megahood Challenge
My Fallout Themed Megahood
this randomly came to my head but i'll state what this is
simnation is normally seen as a calm idyllic place but just like the pleasant family all you need to do is look past the facade but since nobody did thousands died and many more were injured after atomic bombs dropped;some were lucky and had basements to go in but others just had to stay above ground to be badly beaten and ;possibly lose their mind

-about 2 families in each hood will die and i'll use a dice to determine how many people will also be affected and what life stage and if supernaturals will inhabit the town
-in each hood only three building of each type (three commercial and three residential or dorms etc) will be intact the others will be dilapidated and about 2 will be completely gone
-one town will be inbred and another (eg:strangetown) will be a miitary base basically pick themes for the towns
-food that isn't produced by fishing/gardening will have to be spoiled
-when somebody dies i'll deal with it
-have a business per family
no aspiration rewards
only careers that will benefit people are allowed example: culinary law enforcement military science
-no tv or computers!
-whenever a fight happens the loser dies
-furniture can be bought by a business or given to you as a gift

Finally the goal is to last 5 generations where each town has at least 4 families example:when lillith pleasant has great grandkids the challenge ends
after you complete the challenge you are free to rebuild the world as it was before

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