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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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Original Poster
#1 Old 7th Jul 2017 at 3:58 AM
Default Gem Hunter Mod Plans
I have an idea for a werewolf mod, one which would include custom collectibles that spawn and are possibly cloned from the butterflies/fireflies or the weeds.

The invisible spawner or controller would be created every time a lot is loaded - residential, community, secret - and spawn various gems, metals, and other objects that are cloned from either the butterflies/fireflies or the gnome objects. An exception would be the Tiberium, which would probably need to be cloned from the roaches and run the risk of giving any nearby sim a custom non-deadly illness varying in severity, or even a 'mysterious illness' if you want to really go for the whole Tiberium Wars feel.

There would be an object controller to customize which kinds of collectibles appear, whether they appear on residential or community lots, and how often they appear. For example, there could be an option for metals, gems, bugs, beach treasures, and dig treasures. The sub-menus for each selection could include whether they appear at all, and if so, should they be residential, community, secret lot, beach, or all lots, as well as how often they spawn. By default, the low-level items would spawn more often, and other items like Tiberium would be a rare occurrence.

Witches with high enough magical expertise could conjure gems. Infallibly good witches can conjure soulpeace, sunstones, moonstones, platinum, and supernovium, while atrociously evil witches can conjure things like Tiberium, Vampire Eye, bloodstone, plutonium, and mummitonium. Neutral witches might also be able to conjure certain gems like emeralds, and some precious and semi-precious metals... and of course, apples of random quality that can be put into the fridge for fresh food. Casting these spells could require a whole lot of reagents and the more advanced ones might have a chance at failing even if your witch has maxed his or her powers and alignment.

Werewolves would have the 'sniff for treasure' self-interaction which is basically the 'smells yummy' animation, and a message on the upper right corner would tell what your wolf is going to find in that area. Clicking on the ground would give the option to 'hunt for treasure', with the 'comb for seashells' animation. The likelihood of your werewolf finding something is random, and your wolf might get poison ivy.

As for Bigfoots, they would also be able to hunt for treasure like werewolves.

For vampires, they would increase the likelihood of vampire's eye and bloodstone appearing on lots where they reside or visit. Zombies will increase the chances of mummitonium spawning, while Servos or aliens might increase the chances of Tiberium spawning.

To smelt and cut what you find, there would be an interaction either with your sim, the gems/metals, or the mailbox. It would use the pay bills interaction, and deduct money from your sim's funds based on how many items you send for processing. When they return the next day, the animation for receiving the gems/ingots/vials would be similar to the love letter, I think.

Also, there could be a machine that your sims could use to smelt and cut what they find.

I think these ideas might work, and I am attempting to think in Sims 2 game logic terms. Would they work?
Test Subject
#2 Old 10th Jul 2017 at 10:23 PM Last edited by N_Fluen$e : 11th Jul 2017 at 1:31 PM.
I'm looking forward such kind of mod but I'm suspisious about anything global. So if you wanna do it by yourself or in cooperation with other modders I strongly recommend you to make spawner buyable, not appearing automatically. This part is possible 'cause there's example of such spawners by Sun&Moon. Cloning of their crafting stations is prohibited but you can look at their coding and write your own.
And I doubt you can make any spawners outside ot default ones appear by its own. This is not only complicated by itself but will possibly cause glitches and conflicts with other mods. This as well applies to clicking on ground to hunt for treasures. The only thing comes to my mind is custom diggables (here). You can add any items using this mod (don't know if it will work with anything aside of deco objects). This should be workable and if I were more experienced mod creator I would start from this part.

Conjuring gems sounds interesting. I suppose there were Pandorasims mods for custom witches spells and reagents on mustbedestroyed. Maybe you can use them as base?
Original Poster
#3 Old 11th Jul 2017 at 4:24 PM
I see. You don't use ACR? Because with my idea, the mod would be a lot like ACR in that it would have certain kinds of global switches concerning controllers that are created whenever a lot is loaded with a playable sim, and are destroyed whenever the player leaves the lot. Though I think a version of the mod where you click on your sim for a self-interaction to create a temporary spawn controller for whatever lot said character is on might be doable as well.
Test Subject
#4 Old 12th Jul 2017 at 1:10 AM
Yes, I used to have ACR so I realize what type of mod it should be. It will be cool to have something like that but remember ACR creates tokens which can cause problems when mod is uninstalled. So if you will go building your mod this way you should think about self-deleting of spawners.

Self-interaction is possible, you can use BO's Spawn Objects (this one ) as base. But honestly I couldn't get this mod to work. All I get were sims resets, maybe because I had InTeen (and ACR too). This is another problem with self-interaction mods, the possible incompatibilty with some global mods. Though I don't know if Spawn Objects will work mith my current mods setup but I'll try.

Anyway, I totally support your idea. But I had some mods issues so I should warn you beforehand.
Original Poster
#5 Old 12th Jul 2017 at 4:45 AM
@N_Fluen$e yes, I did mention that - I want the spawners to be able to DELETE themselves whenever a sim leaves the lot. The spawners would only exist while the lot is loaded and a player character is being played on that lot.

Basically... let's say we're playing as Loki Beaker. A spawner is generated on his home lot. Then, Loki either takes a taxi, drives, walks, or flies to another lot. The home lot spawner is fried possibly when he arrives at the community lot. Would it be possible to fry offworld spawner tokens or the like?

Or let's say instead, there might be a self-interaction or ground interaction for 'search for loot' where a non-wolf sim could look around, and then an object spawns? You do have a lot of points that I didn't consider, so I am sorry if I sound a little grouchy.
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