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Nysha's New Creators for July - posted on 1st Aug 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Originally Posted by maxon
The edges of the road are not cut outs so you need to update the road default textures with the grass terrain too. I think there are some cut out defaults somewhere though.

Sorry if I'm a bit slow here - I tried changing the terrain on a few other desert and dirt hoods to see if it was a problem with the road defaults then checked out various lots, but they actually came out fine for some reason. It's just this hood in particular that has the wonky terrain. Is it the apocalypse at work?

Originally Posted by Charity
Is there a way to restore the urn, so you don't have to have a permanently smashed urn in your house?

Originally Posted by Bulbizarre
Does it change to a gravestone when you move it outside? I've never had a smashed urn before.

In my experience, moving the smashed urn outside won't turn it into a gravestone and it retains its broken form, but if you have testing cheats on, there's an option to repair the smashed urn when you shift + click on it, as mentioned by baticeer. It's been very useful with raging teens out and about while I wait for the ghosts to appear before sending them to the actual graveyards.
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