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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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#15901 Old Yesterday at 4:00 PM
Originally Posted by Bubblebeam
Under RAW data (OBJD) where it says 'depreciation limit' should one put the final sale price of an object or the cumulative depreciation limit? In case I'm not making sense - if something is say $100 and the daily deprecation is $10, but you want it to stop at $30, would you put $70 or $30?

I haven't done this in a while, so don't quote me, but I think you put in $30 as the depreciation limit. I'd go into stuff in SimPE to check what I've put in when messing with prices and depreciation, but I've got the game open at the moment so I can't. But I'm PRETTY sure that's what you do. Of course, it's also easy to test to see if it's working the way you want after you fiddle with something. Just plunk the object down on a lot, freeze everyone's motives, let the game run on ultra-speed for a few Sim-days, see what the sale price of the object would be, then exit the lot without saving.

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#15902 Old Yesterday at 6:18 PM
Originally Posted by simmer22
My guess is that you've got an outfit or skin that's badly made and overrides all male toddler skins. I've had this happen with some hairs that put weird hair texture on all scalps of a certain age/gender. The texture of the outfit might give you some clues (try viewing it on the diaper mesh to get a better look).

Looks as though it might be some sort of cyborg skin.

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#15903 Old Yesterday at 8:44 PM
Originally Posted by SneakyWingPhoenix
I'm kinda wondering where I could use sims (particulary in economy) that have over max charisma and body, 9 points in cleaning (probably for janitor-ish positions), 3-6 in logic, in 6 creativity. One is Romance, second is popularity, third - knowledge. I could use all these three sims for employee position in one common business workplace, but haven't really thought off what kind of business it could be. Any ideas?

Military & Intelligence, or Law Enforcement. Or Crime, now that I think about it.

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#15904 Old Yesterday at 9:07 PM
SneakyWingPhoenix, a gym.

Something in one AGS is messing up a couple spots on female teen and adult outfits. But not in my full game, which has all the cc clothes of the AGS plus more. I'm guessing it's defaults of some sort that I didn't put in the AGS, to fix transparent diamonds at the front of the bust on tight EA adult female meshes and sides of the bust on tight EA teen female meshes. Sigh. Anybody remember off the top of their head which defaults those would be?

Bigger problem, something is interfering with passing along business perks and transferring an owned business, as in, those aren't showing up as options. Dad had the business, could not give it to the son who was supposed to get it, so his wife inherited it when Dad died. Now she owns it, but cannot give it to the son (one of four kids) who is supposed to get it. She lives with the son and his family, but as they are a functional family, she has great relationships with all her kids, and I don't know how the game handles that determination. I have Pescado's business hacks, but those have never interfered before, so can anyone think of other hacks that don't have to do with owned businesses but might have effects on the menu availability?

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#15905 Old Yesterday at 9:26 PM
Thank you thank you thank you Simmer22 and Maxon!
The source of the problem is found. It wasn't a skin or downloaded clothing. I had downloaded hiders for all Maxis clothing, and edited them to keep the clothing I like and made some toddler outfits availeble for both genders, and when I removed the hider for NL, Beau Broke's normal hands appeared. He looks great again.
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